We are very fortunate to be able to stock Putumayo’s childrens CDs of music from around the world.  They release compilation CDs containing great music that grown-ups can enjoy as well.  We’ve been playing them in the shop for over eleven years now and can still enjoy them !  Putumayo are an American company and their European division have kindly let us know that Playfull Toyshop sell more of their childrens CDs than any other shop in Europe!  Our best sellers are World, Animal, African and Reggae Playground.  Putumayo have also released a lovely selection of lullaby CDs such as Latin, African and Celtic Dreamland.  Please go to their web-site where you can hear snippets of all the tracks.

All of our CDs retail at £9.95 including a few recorded locally.  Paul Bradley’s ‘Calico Pie’ is a superb collection of nursery rhymes arranged and played by some of Bristol’s finest jazz musicians.  Songs in French are available from Mademoiselle  Nini who runs singing groups for children around Bristol under the banner of ‘Les Petits Zouzous’.  Choose from two Cds of well-known songs and a lullaby CD of songs for bed-time.  We also stock four CDs of songs (in English), for young children, sung by Ceilidh-Jo Rowe who is based in Stroud.

Come in to find a range of toy musical instruments – maraccas, tambourines, shakers, xylophones, drums and even a small accordion.  Pride of place goes to our pentatonic glockenspiel – a handmade instrument from Auris in Sweden with brass keys and a maple base.