8-10 years

Craft activities come into their own at this age.  Knitting and felting are definitely popular at Playfull Toyshop.  We stock kits for both made from organic and plant-dyed wool. There is a selection of ‘learning to knit’ and other craft-related books.

KLUTZ make interesting products such as ‘Battery Science’ or ‘Spiral Draw’ for budding engineers and designers.

We stock many chapter books for older children with titles, for example, like Stig of the Dump, the Big Friendly Giant and Charlotte’s Web.

Dragonology, Pirateology and Vampireology are great interactive reading books.

DJECO also produce many well-designed art kits up to the ages of 12 or more – please come in to see them all.

Suppliers include: BIOLAND (Germany), DJECO (France), KLUTZ (US) PENGUIN BOOKS (UK)