6-8 years

We stock some gorgeous art and craft kits from DJECO.    

Look out also for the dinosaur kits that roar and walk whenever there is a loud sound nearby.

Factual pop-up books such as ‘Inventions’, ‘the Human Body’, ‘Space’, and ‘How things work’ are popular.

TEIFOC building kits are made from terracotta clay bricks and real cement. The bricks are re-usable – just put the finished building in a bowl of luke-warm water, the cement will wash off and children can start building again.

EITECH vehicle kits that are put together like Meccano are also available.

Bows and arrows and lots of different wooden swords and daggers are made in Wiltshire.

Suppliers include: DJECO (France), TEMPLAR BOOKS (UK), TEIFOC (Germany) Eitech (Germany), TYMEAGAIN (Wiltshire UK), GREEN BOARD GAMES (UK)